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The New York Map Society typically holds its lectures on weekday
evenings at the New York Public Library's Stephen A. Schwarzman [Main]
Building at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Most meetings are free and
open to the public, but space limitations may require an RSVP to attend.  

(We thank President Emeritus, Director, and Lifetime Sustaining Member  
Sy Amkraut for helping arrange a temporary home for us for the 2014 -
2015 program year at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.)

Field trips to map sites and special events are typically held on weekends.
Some events are reserved for current-paid members only, and some field
trips are at venues that may require an admission fee.

See our "Other Map News" page for map-related events in the New York
area and beyond. Contact the sponsoring organization for further details
about those events.
The first event of the New York Map Society's 2016 - 2017 program year:

Tuesday, September 20, 6:00 - 7:45 pm: "The Art of Illustrated Maps:
A Complete Guide to Creative Mapmaking’s History, Process and
Inspiration," by John Roman
New York Public Library, Berger Forum, Second Floor, Schwarzman (Main)
Building, 5th Ave. & 42nd St.

While literally hundreds of books exist on the subject of maps and
cartography, "The Art of Illustrated Maps" (release date: October 23, 2015)
is the first book ever to fully explore conceptual, “illustrated” mapping.
Author, educator and map illustrator John Roman correlates not-to-scale
maps as “the creative nonfiction of cartography,” and in this book he
reveals how and why the human mind instinctively accepts the artistic
license invoked in imaginative maps. Drawing from a wide range of
references, "The Art of Illustrated Maps" traces the roots of this
specialized art form’s two-thousand-year history, and through the works of
numerous contemporary illustrators from around the world,  documents
the creative process of professional map artists as well as the inspirations
behind 21st-century illustrated maps.

John Roman, a Boston-based map illustrator and graduate of Suffolk University’s
New England School of Art & Design, has been teaching illustration for over  
twenty years at the Massachusetts College of Art. He is also the author of the  
F+W Media eBook, 50 Markets of Illustration. His website:
"Henry David Thoreau's
Concord," a recreation of a
19th-century bird’s-eye-
view map.
"Europe 1968" shows the
route of a bicycle trip
Monday, October 24th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm: Members-only Field trip for a
book talk - "Around Switzerland in 80 maps," with Swiss-based
author and travel writer Diccon Bewes
Residence of the Swiss Ambassador, Manhattan.

"Ambassador André Schaller, Consul General of Switzerland in New York
and Mrs. Brigitte Schaller-Schoepf, together with the New York  Map
Society, request the pleasure of your company for a magical journey: It’s  
a big beautiful book that will delight any map lover, book lover or Swiss
lover." Bewes: "The 80 maps are contemporary to the eras they portray,
rather than drawn  for the book. Each has been chosen for a particular
reason, be that an important moment in Swiss history or an interesting
aspect of Swiss life. Or because it’s simply beautiful. Through these  
maps we chart the development of Switzerland over the centuries."
November 30, 6:00 pm: Open-to-the-public talk by Tim Wallace,
Graphics    Editor and cartographer at The New York Times
Avenues: The World School, 17th Floor, 11 East 26th St. (between 5th &
Madison), New York

At The Times, Tim crafts visual stories on whatever topic news dictates.
His background is in archaeology and GIS, and he recently completed a
PhD in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His love of
photography helps inform the way he tells stories with maps and images.
His talk will focus on news maps, especially the election maps on which
he has been working, as well as anything that may be current at the time
of his talk. RSVPs not required but let know if
you plan on attending.
Saturday, December 10th, 1:30 - 2:30 pm: Members-only field trip to
the Brooklyn Historical Society to tour the exhibition "Unlocking
Two Revolutionary War Era Maps - The Ratzer Map"
2nd floor Parlor, 128 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

We will see paintings of Brooklyn from many eras alongside a copy of
Brooklyn Historical Society's rare First State of Bernard Ratzer's "Plan of
the City of New York," published in 1770, and based on surveys made in
1766 and 1767.

Following the tour, we will have a
members-only Holiday Social Hour at
Caffe Buon Gusto, 151 Montague St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, right around
the corner from the Brooklyn Historical Society.
Diccon Bewes
Air Travel between the US
and Zika-affected areas
Tim Wallace
1770 Bernard Ratzer: "Plan of
the City of New York" From the
Brooklyn Historical Society
At the event
Diccon Bewes with NYMS  
president Steve Hanon
An article about Tim in Wired magazine:
The Speedy Cartographers Who Map for the New York Times"
Tim's website
Tim's Nov. 16 article and maps in the New York Times: "The Two Americas of 2016"
Tim at the meeting
Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 6:00 - 7:45 pm: Miklos Pinther speaks
on "The History of Cartography at the American Geographical
New York Public Library, Room 216, 2nd Floor, Schwarzman (Main)
Building, 5th Ave. & 42nd St.

By all accounts, not only is the story of The American Geographical
Society of New York unique, but cartography at the Society and its
place in the overall history of American cartography, is singular as well.  
Indeed, it may be argued that the cartographic achievements of the
Society were unparalleled for institutions of its kind. This narrative will
trace and illustrate three principal stages during a 125-year period of  
the oldest organization in the United States focused on geography:  
1851-1899, characterized essentially by illustrative cartography; 1900-
1948, a period of experimental and exploratory mapping; 1949-1976,  
the era of thematic and atlas cartography.

Mr. Pinther was the Society’s last Chief Cartographer. He will describe
the main projects and highlight the personal accomplishments of key
players. In 1978, the Society closed its departments in New York and
moved its Library and Map Collection to the University of Wisconsin-

In the January special issue, Arctic 2017, of the
Geographical Review,
Mr. Pinther describes the production and publication of the Society’s
last sheet map, the 1975 “Map of the Arctic Region”
(prepared by the
Cartographic Division of the American Geographical Society, Miklos
Pinther, chief cartographer; compiled, drawn by Bernhard H. Wagner
[and others]; bathymetry by Bruce C. Heezen and Marie Tharp)

Miklos Pinther, long-time member of the New York Map Society, has been an
Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia University, Chief Cartographer for the UN, and
Chief Cartographer for the American Geographical Society.
1975: "Map of the
Arctic Region"
1974: Theodore
Shabad of the New
York Times (left) and
Miklos Pinther (right)
reviewing the
compilation of the
"Map of the Arctic
Region" at the
Geographical Society
Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 6:00 pm: Field Trip to Daniel Crouch
Rare Books and Maps
24 East 64th St., between 5th and Madison, New York City
Our visit will include a private tour and features viewing and expert
commentary on a rarely displayed global portolan map created by
Genoese cartographer Vesconte Maggiolo in1531, and recently
exhibited at the New York Armory as part of TEFAF (The European Fine
Art Fair). Crouch is a London-based firm specializing in maps and
atlases that has recently opened a gallery in New York City. Here's an

about the new dealership.
Space is limited, and required RSVPs (to kapochunas
will be limited to current paid members, with Sustaining Members
getting preference.
If you haven't yet paid for the 2016-17 program year,
please take a moment now to
renew online or send a check to the
address specified at the site.
1531 Vesconte
Maggiolo global
portolan chart
Wednesday, January 25, until 9 pm: Daniel Crouch Opening Party
24 East 64th St., between 5th and Madison, New York City

New York Map Society members are invited to an opening party which
runs through 9 pm at Daniel Crouch Rare Books. T
he invitation is to  
the left: RSVP to
Thursday, March 30, 6 pm - 7:30 pm: Laura Ten Eyck on "What to
Look for in Evaluating a Map"
Argosy  Bookstore, 2nd floor, 116 E 59th St. (between Lexington &
Park), New York, NY 10022
This free and open-to-the-public event, hosted by New York Map
Society board member, and Director of the second floor gallery of
maps and prints at the Argosy Book Store in New York City, will cover
the basics of map valuation. Laura's also an appraiser on
Bobby Shackelton
"Natural Gas Pricing
vs. Temperature,"
from Bloomberg
Laura Ten Eyck,
from "Antiques
Connie Brown at
Redstone Studios
Tuesday, February 28, 6:30 pm: Bobby Shackelton of Bloomberg
MAPS - "Seeing is Believing"
Venue: Avenues: The World School, Black Box Theatre, Ground Floor,
259 Tenth Ave., New York, NY (between 25th and 26th Streets, abutting
the High Line)
Join Bobby for a free and open to the public overview of Bloomberg's
new MAPS function that has become indispensable for investors to
make informed everyday decisions. Together with robust datasets,
macro insights and analysis, Bloomberg's location intelligence   
enables users to tell compelling visual stories.
Because the society
plans to provide refreshments for attendees, RSVP to

Bobby Shackelton is the Product Manager for Bloomberg MAPS, a position he
assumed two years ago. As part of his responsibilities, Bobby consults with
Bloomberg clients on how to best leverage Bloomberg’s data and analytics
using spatial technologies. Over the years, he has established himself as a
leader in developing mapping solutions designed for the financial, media, real
estate, energy, metals & mining and insurance industries; he is recognized for
having been instrumental in changing the way investors visualize information.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Bobby served in the United States Air Force as a
ground radar technician where he first learned and utilized spatial technologies.
A highly-decorated veteran, he has earned several medals and awards,
including the 2003 Lt. General Leo Marquez Award for Communications
Technician of the Year. After military service, he went on to earn a degree in
geographic science from James Madison University, with a concentration in
geographic information systems. After graduating, Bobby worked as a senior
product manager for SNL Financial and oversaw its mapping, data feed and
Excel add-in products. During his time at SNL, he envisioned and released
dozens of mapping solutions, as well as what became the go-to web-based
mapping application for investors on Wall Street, earning him a SAG Award at
the ESRI International User Conference in 2012.
Saturday, April 29, 2 pm - 4 pm: Connie Brown on "Making
Manuscript Maps"
Berger Forum, New York Public Library, Schwarzman (Main) Building,
5th Ave. & 42nd St.
Current paid members will have the opportunity to make a manuscript
under the supervision of New York Map Society member (and
former vice president)
Connie Brown, an artist and mapmaker by
profession, working out of
Redstone Studios in Durham, CT. She
recently was featured at the end of a short YouTube video by
Timberland: T
A not-to-be-missed two-hour event.