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Upcoming Meetings
Our Meeting Places -- both are free and open to the public for our events, but they may
require an RSVP to attend:

Avenues: The World School
, Headquarters, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues), New York, NY 10011. Photo ID required for entry. The
boardroom seats 40+, and has a 75-inch 1080p wall-mounted electronic screen. It is available
for society events Monday and Wednesday to Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons.
RSVPs to are requested, but not required.

The New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman [Main] Building, 42nd Street and  
Fifth Avenue, New York City 10018. The library typically requires online registration for events,
with a first-come, first-seated policy. Co-sponsored events are held here weekday evenings.

Field trips to map sites, special events, and lectures may held on weekends. Some events are
reserved for current-paid members only, and some field trips are at venues that may require
an admission fee.

See our "Map Shows and Lectures" page for map-related events.
Saturday, September 21, 2019, 2:00 pm: Chet Van Duzer will speak on
"Frames that Speak: An Introduction to Cartographic Cartouches”

Venue: Avenues HQ, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th Street (between
Madison and Fifth Avenues)
, New York, NY 10011. Bring Photo ID for entry.

"The decorative frames on maps called cartouches were an important
cartographic design element from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, and
continue to be used on twenty-first century maps. Although cartouches are
one of the most visually engaging elements on maps, and despite the fact
that it is often through the decoration of the cartouche that the cartographer
speaks most directly to the viewer, revealing his or her interests or
prejudices, there is no detailed study of them, no discussion of their earliest
history or development, and no attempt to interpret the symbolism of a large
number of them together. In this talk I will discuss the early history and
development of cartouches, examine some of their sources, and explain the
symbolism of several remarkable cartouches in detail."

Please RSVP to
Our 2018-19 program year ended with a June 15 members-only "Show
and Tell," followed by a Social Hour at Avenues HQ, with drinks and
Middle Eastern delights hosted by our president, Steve Hanon. Our
presenters: Jacob Ford, Steve Hanon, Andrew  Kapochunas, Joseph
Porder, Fred Shauger, Laura Ten Eyck, and Emily Theisen. See photos
at our "Past Meetings" page.
Our 2019-20 program year began September 1, 2019. We hope you'll
renew, so that we can continue bringing members quality lectures and
field trips. The grace period for our receipt of dues -- during which you
will still be considered an active member -- ends December 1, 2019.
Please take a moment now to renew at our
"Join Us" page.
Our preliminary 2019-20 Program:
Detail: 1691
Coronelli: "L 'Africa"
Saturday, 2:00 pm, October 19, 2019
John Huth will expand upon his book: "The Lost Art of Finding Our

Avenues HQ, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th Street (between
Madison and Fifth Avenues)
, New York, NY 10011. Bring Photo ID for entry.

"I'll be examining the post-smartphone world with an eye to the losses we
have incurred in exchange for boundless information at our fingertips. My
book is a guide to the “primitive” (and yet, incredibly sophisticated)
techniques by which our forebears charted, measured, predicted, and
navigated their place in space."

Please RSVP to
Saturday, 12:30 pm, September 28, 2019
New York Map Society member Roger Karlebach will
again generously host a members-only cruise on his
sailboat "Ilene,"
departing from the Harlem Yacht Club,
417 Hunter Ave, Bronx, NY 10464.
(Getting there without a car: Take the # 6 subway to the last stop,
Pelham Bay Park. From there, either take Uber -- approx. $11, or, just
outside the subway station, take the #29 bus to City Island, getting off at
Ditmars, two blocks from the club. It runs every 20-30 minutes.)

Interested? RSVP to
A second sailing might be possible, depending on demand.
Roger Karlebach's
Harlem Yacht Club
on City Island, NY
Photo by Jenny Li
Saturday, 2:00 pm, November 2, 2019
Ian Fowler will speak on "Cartographic Visions of New Netherland and
New Amsterdam."

Venue: Avenues HQ, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th Street (between
Madison and Fifth Avenues)
, New York, NY 10011. Bring Photo ID for entry.

Ian will take us on an exploration of the history of the shifting populations of
Manhattan Island, from the Lenape, through the Dutch, and onto modern
times, using maps representing the land as interpreted by these groups and
also the way these groups have been represented in the cartographic

Please RSVP to
Ian Fowler giving
this lecture at The
Netherland Club of
New York
Chet Van Duzer
John Huth in Maine.
Photo by Harvard
Chart 2