Our Meeting Place

As of September, 2014 The New York Map Society will hold our meetings at The New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street, at Central Park West. We will meet in either the Elliott Library or the Adler Study which are across the hall from each other on the sixth floor of the Society.

We all owe a big thank you to our President Emeritus and Board Member Sy Amkraut, without whose help, this move would not have happened.

With the exception of field trips and special events, our regular meetings are on the second Saturday of each month (except June, August and December). Our meetings are open to the public, and there is no charge to attend.

See our Newsletter for other map-related events in the New York City area that may be of interest to members. Contact the sponsoring organization for further details about these events.

Our Meeting

Tuesday, January 13, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Meeting Place: The New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W 64th St, New York, NY 10025, (212) 874-5210

“Pergamí de la Siquia,”

The January meeting is our sole weeknight meeting: January 13, 6:30 to 8 pm. The speaker is our old friend Chet Van Duzer. He organized a panel on the subject of water in medieval maps. His topic is "Water, Lawsuits and Maps in Fourteenth-Century Mallorca."

“In this lecture I will discuss a large-format medieval local map which is essentially unknown outside of Catalyuna (Spain): the “Pergamí de la Siquia,” a map of the Siquia aqueduct in Palma de Mallorca made in 1344-1345. The map indicates the water rights of the people who lived along the aqueduct, and was used to settle disputes about those rights. I will emphasize the distinctive qualities of the map by comparing and contrasting it with an English map which is superficially similar, namely the thirteenth-century map of the water supply of Waltham Abbey which is British Library, Harley MS 391, f. 6r. I will also discuss a more artistically elaborate copy of the “Pergamí de la Siquia” made in the eighteenth century.”

Chet Van Duzer has published extensively on medieval and Renaissance maps in journals such as Imago Mundi, Terrae Incognitae and Word & Image. His book Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps was published last year by the British Library, and this year the Library of Congress will publish a study of Christopher Columbus’s Book of Privilegeswhich he co-authored with John Hessler and Daniel De Simone. His current book project is the commentary for a facsimile of the 1550 manuscript world map by Pierre Desceliers, which will be published by the British Library.

Saturday, March 7th at 2:30 pm. (Members Only)

Meeting Place: Secret Manhattan location

The NYMS Annual "Show and Tell"

Join us for a very special members-only event: once again, we're showing a "Show & Tell" party at a beautiful, map-filled Manhattan apartment. Fortified by wine, treats, and each other's company, we'll settle in while 6 or 7 members give short (10 minutes) map-related presentations. If you'd like to attend, RSVP to Connie Brown ( she will give you the address. Furthermore, let Connie know if you'd like to give a "show and tell"--first come, first served for presentations. Presenters may bring primary materials or a laptop--WiFi available. You don't have to share a map to attend--this is a great opportunity to socialize with other NYMS members and share interests.

Not yet a member? RSVP anyway--bring a check to the event and become a member there.

Saturday, April 11, at 2:30 pm

Meeting Place: The New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W 64th St, New York, NY 10025, (212) 874-5210

Green Map System

Wendy Brawer of Green Map System will speak. She's an old friend of the map society.

The GreenMap website:

Saturday, May 9, at 2:30 pm


A field trip to the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford

Nancy Finlay, Curator of Graphics will show highlights of their considerable map collection.

The Connecticut Historical Society Museum & Library website:

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