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New York Map Society Feature Articles

A small collection of feature articles written by members of the New York Map Society and invited guests.

David Y. Allen

David Y. Allen is retired Map Librarian at Stony Brook University, New York (SUNY). His publications include the online The Mapping of New York State: A Study in the History of Cartography.

Comparing Eighteenth-Century Maps of New York State Using Digital Imagery

A detailed analysis of several maps depicting the British Province of New York published between the middle of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the American Revolution.

How Simeon De Witt Mapped New York State

The author describes how Simeon De Witt's 1802 map of New York State was constructed, and makes the case that it was the most important map of the state published between 1784 and 1830.

Victoria Johnson

Ms. Johnson writes a series of “Fun with Maps” features for the internet's website, a few of which are posted here.

J. B. Post

J. B. Post is a former map librarian and former print & photograph curator currently retired and involved in local history activities in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. His major claims to fame are compiling An Atlas of Fantasy (Mirage Press, 1973 & Ballantine Books, 1979) and coining the term “cartifact.”

United States Map Copyright Litigation: 1789-1998

A short guide to court cases which involve copyright of maps.

Ruminations on the Borderlands of Cartography

Some thoughts on who gets into a Map Family Picnic

Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ph. D.

New York Map Society member Dr. Philip Schoenberg is adjunct professor of American History at Borough of Manhattan Community College. On July 15th, 2006, Dr. Schoenberg escorted Society members on a walking tour of the City Hall area and explained its evolution from its Amerindian village origin.

Evolution of City Hall Park and Foley Square

Fredric Shauger

Jodocus Hondius' Map of the Straits of Magellan

New York Map Society member Fredric Shauger presents some background information on Hondius and a look at a 1613 copy of one of his maps.

Angouleme, The First European Name for New York

In 1524, Giovanni de Verrazano honored Francis I by naming a prominent New World harbor after an area closely associated with the French King.

Leslie Trager


Mysterious Mapmakers

New York Map Society member Leslie Trager raises some questions about Antarctica and Greenland depicted by cartographers centuries before these areas were known to have been explored.

John Woram

Missing Maps

(Moved to our Missing Maps section.)

Fakes, Facsimilies & Forgeries

A detailed look at one of the more notable fakes currently in circulation. For more details on the general subject, see Cartographic Fakes, Forgeries and Facsimiles on Tony Campbell's Map History website.